Farm Tour

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60 minute farm tour

Would you like to learn about what goes on around our farm? On the farm tour we will give you an immersive experience starting with showing off all of our animals! You will get to pet and feed our goats, chickens and two highland cows. We will also explain what goes into taking care of each type of animal. After the petting zoo, feel free to walk around our farm. Sit under our very old cherry tree, take a stroll, or watch the kids play in our western town play area.

We also have a couple picnic area locations on the farm so feel free to bring your own food for a picnic!

Western Town Play Area

western event

animals you can meet

Part of our dream is to provide a petting zoo for the community full of soft, fuzzy, and feathery friends. We want to provide a place where the community can come in and walk amongst our animals, feed them, pet them and see their homes.

other events

Harbor Farms would love to host your next party or field trip!

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Field Trips

During our hour long field trips, children with enjoy a complete immersive experience with a large number of farm animals.

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