Animals of the Farm

Part of our dream is to provide a petting zoo for the community full of soft, fuzzy and feathery friends. We want to provide a place where the community can come in and walk amongst our animals, feed them, pet them and see their homes.

First up are our goats! Currently we have 4 Nigerian Dwarf goat boys, 2 Mini Nubian goat girls, 2 Nigerian Dwarf girls, and boy and girl standard Nubian goats. They are all full of personality and mischief. They love following Lauren around when she’s outside and are always looking for a treat or a pet on the head.

Next up are our many chickens and one turkey. We have chickens in many colors and breeds and once they start laying we will have a rainbow of colors.

Our biggest animals are our highland cows Rip and Beth. They are huge but sweet and enjoy a head pet, a yummy treat or a brush of their messy fur.

our sweet boys

Harry the goat at harbor farms during winter
lloyd pic 2
Tom the goat at harbor farms during winter
Jerry the goat at harbor farms during winter

Paris & Nicole

Paris and Nicole came to us around Mother’s Day. They were born on March 17, 2023 and are mini Nubian goats. We love watching them run across the grass chasing after their brothers with their adorable floppy ears bouncing up and down!

Paris and Nicole the two black and white goats at harbor farms

the future of our farm

This summer we decided to purchase 4 goats that are/will be registered through the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association). Our goals for the future of our goat herd include breeding and milking goats for 4H. In order to be a part of this we need registered goats!

poppy and penny two little goats at harbor farms
Poppy and Penny

Poppy and Penny are registered female Nigerian Dwarf goats (just like Harry & Lloyd). They have such beautiful markings, so their babies will be adorable! We will breed them in 2024.

dolly the goat at harbor farms 1

Dolly is a female Standard Nubian goat. A goat known for their breeding and milking. She is the sweetest girl (she was bottle fed) and is already a favorite! We will breed her in 2024.

buddy the goat at harbor farms

Buddy is Dolly’s little half-brother. He is also a Standard Nubian. He is full of mischief, energy, affection and silliness! We can’t wait to share him and his big personality with our farm guests!


On our farm we have many different breeds of chickens that will give us a rainbow of egg colors. These chickens were born the beginning of May and will start laying this fall. We also have two beautiful roosters to protect all these girls.

chickens pic 1
small girl holding two little chicks
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